Lightning McQueen Cars Children Birthday Stickers

{Stickerlicious Singapore} “I am a very famous race car!”

These Lightning McQueen Cars Children Birthday Stickers has cute black and white grand pix style checked border. So cool for the little race car fans. Zoom zoom!



Royal Princess Birthday Party Stickers

{Stickerlicious Singapore} “A royal celebration for the birthday princess!”

These Royal Princess Birthday Party Stickers is perfect for princess theme party. Princess party with stars, glitters, tiaras and crowns! The princess says: “The party may begin.”


Little Brother Big Sister Children Onesie Shirt Stickers

Cute way to welcome a new family member!

Stick the sticker onto shirt and take a photo with the new baby. In future when anyone look at the photo, they would immediately know who’s the person carrying the baby! It’s also a great gift for the older siblings to bond with the lil’ brother or sister!

Perfect for baby shower gift and new mommies!

You can also customize them to say:
{name} is big brother
{name}’s big sister
{name} is lil brother
{name}’s lil sister
{name} is daddy
{name}’s mummy
{name} is grandpa
{name}’s grandma
.. can be even aunts uncles cousins etc… anything you can think of.

Personalized Name Big Lil Brother Sister Onesie & Tshirt Stickers