Colorful Brown Kraft Hang Tags

{Stickerlicious Singapore} Who says brown Kraft tags cannot be COLORFUL?

Honestly, I was abit skeptical about creating these colorful designs, knowing that they are going to be printed on brown Kraft tags. To my surprise, they turned out great! The colours are quite vivid as well 🙂 These tags are my standard 38mm wide tags, available in set of 20s.

Design wise, the tinted window was a sketch by my customer on a piece of paper, with pencil and light colours. I darkened the lines and brightened it with colours before printing, the hand drawn look is preserved, cool isn’t it? Handmade With Love is a nice logo I created which I can use for many other designs and possibilities.




Natural Brown Kraft tags and envelope seals

{Stickerlicious Singapore} “Put a ring on it”

I enjoyed the project to turn those Brown Kraft cards and stickers into wedding labels that feels simple, rustic and suitable for woodland theme weddings.

Both the tags and seals are 25mm round. Tags are thick and printed on double sides, come with small holes for stringing if required.