Transportation Theme Birthday Party

{Stickerlicious Singapore} Aeroplanes, cars and trains, this transportation theme stickers are colorful like a rainbow!

Train birthday banner – each letter is printed on a train cabin and attached to a train head. Choo choo! They make great baby room decoration as well 🙂



Aeroplane water bottle label – each label is a full wrap around 500ml water bottle. The aeroplane seems to be taking off the runway… Shoooooo


Cars kit kat label – 2 fingers Kit Kat get a change in its outfit and wrapped in cars wrapper…beep beep

The final setup in action!!IMG_5117.JPG


Gold Dust Glittery Butterfly Birthday Tags

{Stickerlicious Singapore} Thanks for fluttering by first birthday party tags.

These set of gold glittery butterfly hang tags are here to bring some magical dust to any butterfly loving girl party. This set is special because they have pop ups and comes in three design:

1) Gift bag hang tags with birthday message and pop up butterflies.
2) Cupcakes toppers with birthday girl age, name and pop up butterflies.
3) Monthly photo labels from 0 to 12 months, glittery pop up cards.





Mod Monkey Girl Birthday Invitation Card

{Stickerlicious Singapore} The birthday girl likes animals so I suggested this Mod Monkey Girl Birthday Invitation Card to her.

She loves it! Design is simple and sweet with candies and flowers, personalised with birthday girl photo. Invites are A5 size.



Sweet Butterfly and Bee Flowery Birthday Labels

{Stickerlicious Singapore} “Sweetest Bee-day that could ever Bee”

These Sweet Butterfly and Bee Flowery Birthday Labels are garden theme stickers. Super sweet with flowers, butterflies and bumble bees. Happy Bee-day!



Birthday Bunting Little Flag Banner

{Stickerlicious Singapore} “Pretty little flags”

These Birthday Bunting Little Flag Banner is good to doll up baskets, goodies corner, trays, cakes, stands for your parties. You can customise it to the desired width by spacing out the flags. Just secure the little flags on twine, string or ribbons. Finally, secure both ends to the sticks.



Fabulous Forty Spade Square Gift stickers

{Stickerlicious Singapore} Some says “Life begins when you are Forty!”

These Fabulous Forty Spade Square Gift stickers is specially Personalised for a Black Jack lover which explains the Spade shape background! The hot pink just makes the sticker sizzles!


Below photo is courtesy of Gateaux J



Frozen Olaf Snowman Bottle Waterproof Labels

{Stickerlicious Singapore} “Do you want to build a SNOWMAN?”

These Frozen Olaf Snowman Bottle Waterproof Labels will make your party extra snowy! Labels are waterproof, tear-proof and durable to withstand washing. Now have fun building the snowman water bottles!