Guess! Boy or Girl? Baby bump stickers

{Stickerlicious Singapore} one of my customer ordered belly stickers and she customize some cute messages like:
Guess boy or girl?
A gift from god
Premiere in 2013

So cute! And of course with the standard “weeks” as well.

Now you can make your belly stickers say anything, just let me know the messages before ordering !




Classy Pregnancy Belly stickers

{Stickerlicious Singapore} Say weeks or anything with these Classy design black and white baby bump stickers. So chic ..



Custom Pregnancy Belly Baby Bump Stickers

One of my buyer is having a group photo with her sisters who are also pregnant. She ordered these custom stickers with different “weeks”, due dates and baby names for the photo taking.

What a cool idea! I really love how they turned out. 🙂


Interested? Leave me a comment here, visit my Cherlynl’s Etsy shop or facebook!


Happy and Sweet Pregnancy Belly Stickers

When I saw this happy and cheerful pregnancy photo.. it just brought a huge smile to my face. It complements the new pregnancy belly stickers set that I just made today perfectly. So sweet, happy, cheerful and dreamy…..

Damask border belly stickers on Etsy


Stickerlicious Pregnancy Belly Stickers

Stickerlicious Belly Stickers is a cute way to mark baby development right in the belly! Perfect for expecting mom-to-be!

Stickers are VINYL water-resistant MATTE finish (looks like part of the shirt when worn!).

When your baby reached the milestone, simply stick the sticker to your belly, take a picture to document how he/she have grown.

Each set comes in 4, 8, 12 or 16 stickers, you can personalize them with the due date or baby name! Buy them here: Stickerlicious Pregnancy Belly Sticker on Etsy